Asbestos management plans and training

Asbestos Management Plans

The Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 requires all workplaces with identified or assumed asbestos materials (including in soil) to have an asbestos management plan (AMP) prepared. ACA can prepare a tailored AMP for your site/s, including the following information:


  • Identification of asbestos materials present
  • Management of asbestos materials, including safe work procedures and control measures
  • Induction for contractors
  • Work permit systems
  • Emergency response procedures and remedial options
  • Training and health monitoring
  • Roles and responsibilities of workers carrying out asbestos related activities
  • Records/documentation and contacts


Asbestos Awareness Training

ACA can provide interactive asbestos awareness training sessions at our office in Mt Wellington or at your own premises. Whether you’re an independent plumber or a large corporate team, our training courses are guaranteed to add value to your organization. These sessions can be tailored to include specific materials and conditions identified at your sites. Sessions are about 2.5 hours long and typically include the following information:

  • Nature of asbestos – type and form
  • Common types of asbestos materials – including those identified at your sites
  • Likely asbestos scenarios applicable to your sites
  • Health effects and asbestos-related diseases
  • Obligations under the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016
  • Implementing controls – surveys, management plan, site plans, site specific emergency and standard procedures, PPE, etc
  • Photographs and physical samples of asbestos-containing materials
  • Examples of PPE and demonstrations on appropriate use