Asbestos Removal Auckland, NZ

Asbestos Removal Auckland, NZ

Asbestos Removal Auckland, NZ

Exposure to asbestos can pose a serious health risk and needs to be handled by professionals who know how to ensure it is contained and removed safely and effectively. Once you have hired a company that provides asbestos removal in Auckland NZ, you’ll need to know if the site is safe. It’s hard to know who to trust and your health depends on the right advice.

Independent Asbestos Removal Testing, Advice and Reporting

When the company you hire for asbestos removal in NZ has finished, how do you know that the site is safe and completely clear of asbestos? Yes, you may get a report from the company that removed the asbestos but many people and companies prefer to get independent advice after the asbestos has been removed to ensure that everyone is compliant.

We provide assurance that the asbestos has been assessed / tested / survey provided, the asbestos has been satisfactorily removed and compliance assured.

What You May not Know about Asbestos in New Zealand

Asbestos is made up of very small fibres that are either curly or needle-line, and is a natural mineral. There are 3 common types of asbestos:

  • (brown) amosite
  • (white) chrysotile
  • (blue) crocidolite.

Asbestos was introduced due to its ability as a fire retardant. During the industrial revolution, mining and manufacturing asbestos was hugely popular and became a key component specifically in insulation. Unfortunately the use of asbestos then extended to other products such as cement products, bricks, cladding, a large range of building materials and mechanical products.

Around the early 1900s asbestos was linked to health problems but it has taken around 80 years before a ban was put in place by the government on importing or exporting product-containing asbestos. (source; ) That ban is for certain types of asbestos and a prohibition order has been in place since 2016.

Because asbestos was imported into NZ for such a long time and used extensively, it is believed that even new building products contain amounts of asbestos. Therefore, asbestos is still widely spread throughout New Zealand.

Asbestos Surveys for Asbestos Removal NZ

Given the extensive use of asbestos in products throughout Auckland NZ, it’s critical to obtain samples / an asbestos survey. Once sampling and removal has taken place, you can have us provide independent advice which gives all parties peace of mind that the site is safe.

Given that the NZ government does not have an asbestos strategy at this stage, testing for asbestos and having the process managed by companies like us means that the site will be tested for asbestos and removed safely and professionally.

If you’re unsure if there is asbestos onsite, contact us now and we can assist you with the process of asbestos removal and assurance.