Asbestos Testing

Not sure if you have asbestos? The best way to find out is to have it tested.

A small sample is all that is required for analysis of most materials such as fibre cement, corrugated fibre cement material and vinyl tiles. Our Consultants can collect samples from your premises or your home in accordance with Worksafe guidelines and send the sample for testing to an IANZ accredited laboratory, ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality.

If you prefer to bring the sample to our Auckland office, it can be sealed in two zip lock bags and we will arrange for testing at an IANZ accredited laboratory. Some materials release asbestos fibres more easily when disturbed or broken and if the material is easily damaged or you feel unsure about collecting the sample yourself, contact us for assistance.

The results of your test will confirm if asbestos was present and our qualified asbestos consultants can provide a risk assessment to help you manage the removal process.