Who we are

Meet Our Team
About us

Assess Control Assure NZ Pty Limited is a specialised risk consultancy firm.
We service all regions of New Zealand from our offices in Auckland and Tauranga.
We provide technical health and safety risk management services with a focus on property risk, asbestos, and hazardous materials.

Meet Our Team

Our team in New Zealand is led by Tim Wheeler and Ben McCann, who are supported by a group of highly experienced and qualified consultants. Tim and Ben have a combined experience of over 20 years working in the safety, property risk and hazardous materials industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Story

We believe risk management consulting can be more than box-ticking bureaucrats who create more problems than they solve. It’s time for a change.

We decided that there was a better way than the inflexible consultancy processing plants; giving clients the same old widgets even though they have no use for them.

Imagine how we felt when we decided to leave the consultancy factories behind and discovered that there are other like-minded people, looking to create some transformation in the risk management industry, people who share our passion for change.

This was the birth of Assess Control Assure. The coming together of people who knew that there was a way to be Safer. Smarter. Better.

Meet Our Team
Our Culture

Our culture is our identity and the manifestation of our values, we live and breathe it. This is how we continually challenge ourselves to be Safer. Smarter. Better. for our people, our clients and our community.


Our insight and enthusiasm empowers clients to confidently build better organisations. Employees are supported to push boundaries and explore new ideas. The enthusiasm, trust and respect with which we develop relationships empowers both clients and the strength of the business.


We actively engage with our community to share our knowledge and approach. People listen to us and respect our insights and experience. We support our employees to build both their technical and soft skills.


We treat creativity with respect and mindfully invest time to develop a creative organisation, to the benefit of our clients and employees. We see things through a different lens to our competitors. We develop opportunities to do things better.


We do more than scratch the surface and comply. We thoroughly investigate challenges and opportunities and explore the best ways for our clients to shape their risk priorities so they can sleep at night. We work smarter, not harder. We value work life balance and work collaboratively to create a culture where we can all work at our optimum level.


We provide a transformational service for organisations who value our expertise and insights.

Community Minded

We operate within 3 distinct communities and actively focus to develop all of them
Our work community – we treat our colleagues with respect and support.
Our industry – we work to raise the standards and profile of our industry.
Our broader community – we manage our organisational impact and share our skills and resources with those who can benefit.